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Roy's Bullpen

Single Weighing System

By September 19, 2006May 19th, 2009No Comments

We have installed a crowding tub, “S” alley and single animal scale to handle your calves more efficiently on presorting days. How does this benefit you? There is very little handling or sorting of your calves after we receive them. We don’t even split steers from heifers anymore before weighing them. We just unload them, do the paper work, have them brand inspected and walk them up to the crowding tub. They walk through the “S” alley on to the scale one at a time; we catch a weight and let them into the ring. They are graded and penned from there into feed and water pens. If you are concerned about the sorting crew working pounds off during sexing and sorting for uniformity, you will appreciate this new system. The only time we have to work the cattle at all, is if we have to sort for ownership. (Two or more owner’s cattle mixed on the incoming load.)

Another benefit to you other than reduced shrinkage is when cattle are weighed one at a time we end up with a very precise, even, tight, sort on the cattle in each pen weight wise. We were very careful before but now it is even better. Some people still think that lumped and dumped rough sorted cattle sell good enough but there is no substitute for well sorted loads of cattle. These big feedlots lay these cattle into a pen when they buy them and they sell that whole pen of cattle in one swoop when they are finished. They do not resort the cattle. There is no way these cattle can come out of the pen uniformly unless they are very uniform and precisely sorted going into the pen. Ask any buyer if they pay more money for precisely sorted uniform cattle.