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Roy's Bullpen

List in Advance

By January 20, 2006May 22nd, 2009No Comments

Successful sales do not just happen, they are planned.

All cattle for every sale must be listed in advance. We have to know what is going on in advance so that we can plan our days. (Staffing, feeding etc) Some people take offense to this for some reason. Why? It is just a phone call. Some think that is not necessary. It is. It is money in your pocket.

If we can’t tell the buyers (or prospective buyers) that your cattle or horses are coming, why would they show up at the sale? They want to know several days in advance so that they can plan their week.

E.G At one horse sale we only had seven horses listed the morning of the sale. Prospective buyers called. We told them what we had listed. They made other plans. Over fifty horses showed up for the sale. The sellers were unhappy because there were not enough buyers. The buyers who called earlier were unhappy because they would have been there if they had known that there would be that many horses. It was not a successful sale, because it just happened.

Now that you know why we want you to list in advance, there is also the next situation. If you change your mind and decide not to come it is just as important to call us and let us know as soon as you know. This would be a courtesy to your fellow consignors because it affects them as well.