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Two Day Sort

By January 11, 2005May 22nd, 2009No Comments

If you plan ahead, we can plan ahead and we will all come out ahead.

Please phone in and book your cattle several days in advance of the sale.  (Or book online!)  If we know in advance that we are getting too many to sort comfortably in one day we will plan a two day sort. If we think we only have enough listed for a one day sort and you want to ship at the last minute it puts too much pressure on sort day. We can’t get extra staff on a moments notice. Believe it or not some of them tell me “just because you don’t have a life doesn’t mean we don’t”.

When we say “the sale is full” it would be more correct to say that “the sort is full”. We have the capacity to sell seven or eight thousand head on sale day. However no-one has the capacity to sort, weigh, grade and pen, that many in one day. Sorting twenty five hundred in one day is a hard day’s work.

If we only have two thousand head listed we will plan for only a one day sort. If we know that more cattle are coming in time, we will plan for an extra sort day. How does this help you?

  • Line ups will be insignificant. Your calves will get to the scale faster after unloading.
  • You won’t be told “The sort is full, we can’t handle any more until the next sale”.
  • If your cattle are already listed and you decide to change your mind, and are not coming to that sale, several days notice would also be appreciated. Why call at the last minute or not call at all? Maybe with a little advance notice we could have let another producer have your spot if we knew in time that you weren’t coming.

Thanks for helping us help you.