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Roy's Bullpen

Old Cows

By February 2, 2004May 22nd, 2009No Comments

Let us not forget how this whole border closing mess started.

We are having a little problem at the auction markets and probably the slaughter plants too, now that there are subsidies available on slaughter cows. Some people want to bring in any old cow that can still drag herself along. They know that she is not worth anything but they want her to go through the system so that they will be eligible for their subsidy.

Would you want to be the producer that wrecked a multi-billion dollar industry for a $159.00 subsidy? I certainly don’t want to be the market operator who was involved.

A small lump, a slight limp, curly feet and things like that are not the problem. Ancient, hide and bone types, cancer eyes, weak, big-bellied types, major broken lump hole-in the-jaw types and cows of this nature should not come to the auction. The euthanasia should take place somewhere else. The days of dumping this crap off at the auction market are over, and have been since May 20 2003.