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Important information on filling out Manifests

By January 18, 2001May 22nd, 2009No Comments

One thing we have noticed over the years is that many people have the habit of letting the trucker fill out their manifests for them. In fact, most of the truckers just automatically grab the manifest and fill it out, then hand it to the consignor to sign. If information is wrong (wrong addresses, name spelled wrong, wrong box number) or if information is incomplete, who is to blame?

Filling out the manifest is not the trucker’s job and I don’t know why they would want to get into it.

The manifest is a legal document. I would suggest that you fill it out yourself in detail before the trucker arrives. Then just fill in the numbers after the cattle have been counted on the truck. You know how to spell your name, you know your address, phone number, mileage, when cattle were bred, breed of bull, how or if you want your cheque split or deferred etc. better than your trucker does. It would save everyone a lot of confusion due to misinformation or lack of information.

Also when you make out a manifest you are writing on four copies. Press hard. We get the bottom copy. Sometimes we cannot read it.

Sometimes the truckers do not press hard enough or do not write legibly, as a result trucking cheques are not accurate. Sometimes truckers do not put their complete address on the manifest.

Sometimes the consignors do not put their complete mailing address on their manifest either. Sometimes they do not even put their complete name, for example, we may deal with two or more Joe Blows. They may live in different towns, or the same town but they have the same name with different middle initials – or Senior and Junior.

If you could just press harder and fill it out completely, the office staff would sure appreciate it. Fewer cheques would be detained in the mail too.

Thanks for your cooperation.