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Weyburn Livestock Exchange has been a part of the Weyburn business community for years, but everything has changed in the last 3 years except the name. There have been major changes in auction management and the way we do things at WLE now.

We have completed renovations to the building and the pens, loading and unloading area, and the sorting system. We have a modern, state of the art, single sorting system, which means less handling of livestock, quicker returns to feed and water and even, well sorted pens.

We have large feed and water pens – this helps hold together the weight on the calves. This enables the buyers to bid with complete confidence, that all the weight will be there when they reweigh the calves at their destination. That means more money in the producer’s pockets.

We have same day payout – a solid financial backing ensures a guaranteed payout.

A drive thru unloading area for trailers and a separate unloading area for semi’s ensures quick unloading and very little, if any, time spent in a lineup. Your cattle are off the trailer and penned as quickly as possible putting less stress on the animals.

On site processing of livestock – branding, vaccinations, etc. usually immediately following the sale.

Experienced, qualified, dedicated staff handle the livestock sales which benefits the producers with minimal shrink and prompt and accurate settlements. Cattle handling staff are provided with professional training and instructions for humane treatment of livestock while on our premises. We offer a spacious, well-lit, large capacity sale ring. Without a doubt one of the nicest sale rings around the country.

We offer specialty sales; bull sales, colt sales, Bred cow/heifer sales and the Ross L Seven Feedlot sale – to name a few.

We list cattle on a Live Internet Auction. Our representative will come to your farm/ranch and video your cattle and collect the listing information from you. If you have a large number of evenly matched calves, you can sell them right from your farm/ranch by auction.

We now offer on-line booking. All you need to do is go to the calendar and pick the sale you want to sell at. Click on the sale and follow the instructions on the screen. There are a few quick questions for you to answer and the information is e-mailed to our office staff. This allows you to book at your convenience, after our office is closed.

Weyburn Livestock Exchange management is changed and is now operated by Rutledge Auction Management and has been for the past 3 years. They are known Canada wide as one of the most innovative market leaders in the livestock auction business for the past two decades. There is no substitute for experience.

Rutledge Auction Management has a proven track record for the way we sort, grade and present the cattle in order to get top dollar. We offer a proven, professional, competent level of service.