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Why are calves with frozen ears and tails discounted at sale time?

Monday, October 15th, 2001

When the ears and the tail are frozen, quite often the feet have been frozen a bit too. Some times the feet are frozen so bad that it is obvious. Sometimes you have to look closely. Other times it is not noticeable until the cattle are pushed with grain. Then the feet start flattening out. The cattle walk and stand and feed similar to foundered cattle. Of course cattle like this do not convert as well and are not of the same value as healthy cattle. (more…)

Prelisting Calves

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001

Most people have got used to the idea of prelisting or prebooking their calves for the big presorted sales. This is good business for both the sale yard and the consignor. We can make appropriate arrangements for crew, bedding, feeding, etc. We can do some premarketing with the order buyers, and they in turn can do some premarketing of their own. Even the local buyers like to know in advance what we expect in for the sale. This all means stronger orders on your calves. (more…)

Feedback on Horns, Bullcalves from Order buyers and Feedlots

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001

Cattlepersons Here is some information or feedback that we get from the feedlots and order buyers that money minded cattle people might be interested in. Starting Jan.1 2000 some of the major finishing feedlots will no longer accept any cattle with horns. Horns cause too much carcass bruising. Horned cattle take up more bunk space. The cost of de-horning feeder cattle including the lack of weight gain during the recovery period is just not efficient for the bigger operators. (more…)

Some misconceptions about marketing cattle

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001

Every year there are some misconceptions about marketing cattle that lead us to believe that not everyone understands the business. Bred heifers are a good example. Every fall, we and other markets have bred heifer sales. For the most part, if these heifers are bred right, are of good quality and over a thousand pounds at sale time, they sell well and the seller is seldom disappointed. (more…)